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Fulshear Sports Association

Sports & Programs

We strive to provide plenty of organized youth sports options for the families in our community!

Join us at Fulshear Sports Association and get your kids and teens moving in one of our youth sports leagues! These include youth basketball, youth soccer, youth volleyball, flag football, T-Ball and Coach Pitch.

In addition to our youth leagues in the fall, winter and spring, we offer a variety of summer camps. Please check our website for these postings!

Finally, Fulshear Sports Association provides various fun family sports-related activities throughout the year to keep our community and families active!

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Summer Camps and Fall Sports will be open for Registration Soon!

Programs Happening Right Now

Basketball - 5on5 - Fall SeasonLeaman Jr. High09/21/2024 - 11/9/2024Register
Basketball - Summer Camp 2024Fulshear High School07/8/2024 - 07/11/2024Register
Coach Pitch - Fall SeasonJones Creek Ranch Park (Baseball Fields)09/22/2024 - 11/10/2024 (Sunday Afternoon)Register
Football - Fall SeasonLeaman Junior High09/21/2024 - 11/9/2024Register
Girls Basketball - Fall SeasonLeaman Jr. High09/21/2024 - 11/9/2024Register
Soccer - Fall SeasonLeaman Jr. High09/21/2024 - 11/9/2024Register
T-Ball - Fall SeasonJones Creek Ranch Park (Baseball Fields)09/22/2024 - 11/10/2024 (Sunday Afternoon)Register
Volleyball - Fall Season (Sunday Only)Leaman Jr. High09/22/2024 - 11/10/2024 (Sunday Afternoon)Register
Youth Sports

Reasons FSA Is Right For Your Child

Sports Boost Self-Esteem

As children and teens learn to be confident on the field or in the gym, they become more confident in life. Seeing their hard work pay off through sports has a positive impact on their self-esteem. When kids achieve their goals in sports, it teaches them they can achieve any other goal they set throughout their lives.

Playing Sports Helps Develop Teamwork & Leadership Skills

Working as a team to reach a common goal helps children develop communication and problem-solving skills that will benefit them on the field and off. Sports also give kids a chance to develop leadership skills among their peers and when they experience the feeling of leadership on the court or field, they naturally become better leaders in their communities as well. Finally, sports help foster accountability, which helps children succeed in life. Our teammates depend on us being on time, working hard, and committing to the team.

Sports Are A Natural Stress Reliever

Exercise is a great way for kids to loosen up and let go. Sports also help kids develop tight bonds with their teammates, which will provide them with a support system full of friends that can help them work through other challenges in their lives.

Kids Develop Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Regular physical activity improves a child’s fitness and helps them to stay in shape. Statistics show that keeping active is the best way to approach life and stay healthy. Sports also help get kids away from the screens and develop healthy social skills by integrating into a team of their peers.

Sports Teach Us How To Push Through Adversity

These days it seems like more and more parents are concerned with protecting their kids from negativity. However, it’s not possible to win every game playing youth sports. That’s not a bad thing! Losing a game or getting knocked out of a tournament teaches kids that life isn’t perfect and, if handled appropriately, it helps our youth process the feeling of imperfection and disappointment. Working through loss and competition makes kids stronger and teaches them not to give up! If they keep working hard to improve their skills despite adversity, they will improve and can win the next one! Life isn’t perfect, so learning how to work through diversity and keep trying may be one of the best reasons to get kids and teens involved in youth sports.

Sports Are Fun!

Undoubtedly, playing sports is one of the most fun pastimes kids can have. The memories can last a lifetime! And sports give our kids a chance to unplug from modern electronic distractions and get back to real interaction on the courts and fields!