Coaches Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

Fulshear Sports Association requires all athletes, coaches, parents and spectators to abide by the FSA Code of Conduct regardless of what type of event FSA is hosting or where that event takes place. The owners of FSA, along with any referee or employee of FSA, will enforce the Code of Conduct and may eject any athlete, spectator or coach from any FSA event at their discretion. The owners of FSA reserve the right to terminate the participation of any athlete and/or refuse future registration to any athlete, parent or spectator for a violation of the FSA code of conduct at any time.

Code of Conduct


I hereby pledge to embrace the Fulshear Sports Association focus on youth sports and:

  • I will place the emotional and physical well-being of ALL players ahead of my personal desire to win.
  • I will treat each player as an individual, developing their skill set and building their confidence.
  • I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players.
  • I will enforce FAIR playing time on my team, ensuring every child has the opportunity to be a playmaker.
  • I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all my players AND parents.
  • I will provide a positive and safe sports environment for my team that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • I will respect the coaches on the other sidelines and direct all game concerns to the officials respectfully.
  • I will play within the spirit of the game, and not intentionally manipulate the rules for a win.
  • I will use those coaching techniques appropriate for all of the skills that I teach.
  • I will remember that I am a youth sports coach, and that the game is for the children
  • I will treat game officials with respect. They are human, they make mistakes.
  • I will assist the FSA staff by enforcing game day conduct expectations for my team.
  • I WILL NOT QUIT on my team.
  • I WILL NOT QUIT on these kids.
  • I will NOT Act a Fool.